About OnlineDating, You Must Know Millionaire Match

Millionaire Match dating site is the number one dating site. This is because it is acknowledged internationally as the number one dating site.The leading financial publication journals Forbe.com and Wall Street also recognized it as the best dating site. The site claims that it has the richest members. In addition, it has a great feature that certifies the millionaires.Luxy-1.png

Joining a millionaire dating site : Joining a dating site that connects you to wealthy men isn’t enough to land one as your husband or boyfriend. It is essential you justify your place in the person? Luxury life by proving your worth. It is worth mentioning that rich men are very choosy about the persons they interact with and one wrong move would ruin all your previous efforts.

As you go to a rich men dating site, don’t be surprised if you would find mature individuals who are looking for their partners in life. One perk of finding the one in this site is that they probably have better chances of handing their relationships well, as they’ve hopefully learned from their previous experiences. This time, they can somehow recognize their patterns and would know how to deal with them.

This exclusive rich men dating site brings together CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs and even supermodels who are seeking dating opportunities. Forbes voted the site to be the “Best of the Web, while Wall Street Journal described it as “MillionaireMatch highlights the millionaires in its listings”.


Joining a millionaire dating site : Joining a dating site that connects you to wealthy men isn’t enough to land one as your husband or boyfriend. It is essential you justify your place in the person’s life by proving your worth. A popular dating site for rich men, as well as an app, Luxy has a lot to offer the affluent singles community — including 100% free registration, advanced swiping technology, and a history of more than 21 million matches. WealthyMen is a leading wealthy dating site that helps wealthy men find attractive, aspiring women for romance and fun.

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Luxy connects wealthy people through same taste of luxury brands.


When living an incessantly busy, jam-packed life, there isn’t a lot of time to meet people outside of work. When we work ourselves to the bone in the pursuit of success, we find ourselves wanting to indulge in the luxury and finer things. This is where luxury brands come in and this is why we want to integrate luxury elements into millionaire dating club. Luxury brands not only define our tastes and our expectations, but also tell us a lot about who we are, where we come from and what we like and how we like it.

When we get to that point where we do have success, we start to want to have someone to share all of it with. Until now, there hasn’t been a fool-proof way to find that special someone whose tastes, lifestyle and personality will match with ours. Match as a luxury millionaire club has found the perfect way to find someone as attractive as we want any potential singles to be and also make sure that their tastes and preferences match with ours. Match suggests compatible matches based on matching preferred brands.

The reason that is such a perfect method to give us singles exactly what we want is this: we trust these luxury brands to give us exactly what we need. Hence, other singles whose tastes those brands appeal to is very likely to have the same priorities and preferences as us. Match uses this system, and it’s an extremely original and unique concept, which pretty much guarantees mutual interest among the rich and attractive. Moreover, the way that Match implements this system requires very little from users. Match simply requires that after we’ve logged into the app using our Facebook account and put in a minimal level of info regarding our interests that we also pick five of our favorite brands.

In conclusion, the idea of luxury brands is that Match uses what you like to find compatible matches who you will like.

I had a sugar daddy–My personal experience of being a sugar baby

As the the world’s largest millionaire dating website,   Millionaire Match has a stunning database of rich and successful men, attracting hundreds of single women to sign in every day. This website is designed for millionaires to meet and date. But to be more precise, it is an online platform for girls who want to date rich men. Some women meet and date millionaires on this website in order to to become wives of rich men while others, especially college girls, look for sugar daddies here. Despite differeent goals, these women share some similar features. They want to change their poor economic conditions; they are under financial pressures of rent and tuition fee; they want to lead a lifestyle of the rich without working hard; or they simply want to get presents. Some people hold the opinion that women should become millionaires through their own efforts while the rest think there’s no wrong being supported by sugar babies. It is a fair deal, though, with each side meeting their needs.tumblr_ohq1kcjLc81v9xrn2o1_1280.jpg

As an overseas student, I knew about Millionaire Match by chance. Under the pressure of that time, I chose to find a sugar daddy for myself. Below is my personal experience.

1. Finding my sugar daddy on Millionaire Match app.

I had the worst time of my life before using Millionaire Match. I heard from home that my father needed to get treatment in hospital more frequently because his stomach trouble is aggregating. Family financial circumstances were worse each day. My boyfriend broke up with me for my family conditions. My mother ringed me that there was not enough money at home to support my expenditure in America and she hoped that I could get a job and finish my study by myself. But where can I find a job in such a short time? Just when I was frustrated and annoyed, I though of Millionaire Match.

Because I didn’t have a laptop. I used its app. Pay attention that there are many iditions on the internet. Some are fake. After I signed in, I wrote my self-description carefully and uploaded several sexy pictures of me.

At first, I didn’t know how to play this game; how to talk in the chatroom; how to take initiative to contact sugar daddies. To be honest, I’m not pretty. It was probably because of my Asian decent and student background, many daddies sent messages to me. I felt uncomportable with various men showing their money and status in front me. But with time went on, I got used to it and I knew how to chat with them and I started looking for sugar daddies proactively. QQ截图20170608161720.png

Most rich men are concerned about their privacy. They don’t want to reveal too much personal information. As a sugar baby, you shouldn’t inquire too much about their real names, family situations and personal life, unless they tell you themselves. Daddies and babies will first say hello to each other. Then the daddy will ask,” What kind of arrangement are you looking for?” Of course, you should answer that based on your real situations.

Receiving your reply, the daddy will tell you how many times you meet weekly, whether he need your company like a lover, or he simply gives you money each time after having sex. Some sugar daddies will take you to shop while others only have sex with you. Similarly, on the baby’s side, some sugar babies wish to build up close relationship with the daddy while some only want money. Both sides will settle the price at the beginning. When they get more familiar with each other, sugar babies usually receive more than expected. This is determined by sugar daddies and the service provided by sugar babies. In addition, you’ll reach agreement on receiving payment per month or per time of service, wearing condom or not, meeting up at public places or only in bed.

This looks like a deal. There are various kind of people on the internet. They put their demands in the most straightforward way. But this is good in avoiding future disputes. Based on my own experience, some daddies will give you several hundred dollars per month, some can give you over one million. Some don’t have sex with you. They just need your company. But there are also daddies having requests that I can’t accept. So you’d better negotiate the rules beforehand.

2. My first date with a sugar daddy

After screening for a few days, I received an invitation for twelve thousand dollars per month. This man looked like in his forties, with good shape. He was born in France and grew up in America. He took me to an upscale restaurant for the first meet up. I spent a whole afternoon in making up myself. At first, I was very nervous. But he was nice and easy-going, which made me relax very soon. I didn’t order by myself. He ordered me a steak for hundreds of dollars. During the dinner, he asked me where I came from and had me teach him how to say “hello” in my language. He also asked me why I chose to be a sugar baby. I was a little embarrassed to tell him that I had to pay for my expensive tuition and rent. He praised ma as a clever girl who knew what to do and what I wanted. A few hours later, my feeling of unfamiliarness disappeared. Although he was still strange to me and I didn’t even know his name, I did not decline when he held my waist like a couple. I got in his car and went to his house with him. I guess you know what happed next.pexels-photo-323260.jpeg

3. Being together with the sugar daddy for over one year

After we had sex, this sugar daddy cared about me very much. He often called me to aske about my life, like a real boyfriend. He mentioned that he missed me and wanted to develop relationship with me. Maybe he really liked me. With time went on, I was accustomed to this kind of life. I no longer had to worry abou money. I began to purchase things I could never afford before and I could do things I never thought of doing. This made me feel awesome. I finally understand why so many people like money. It was just I sometimes felt all this seemed to be unreal and I had worries about how long this kind of relationship could last.

With time passing by, we were more and more familiar with each other, we talked about everything from art, music, to painting. Because of the small age gap, I sometimes felt I was going out with him. He had no feeling of boredom towards me. Instead, we met more and more frequently and he gave me more change. He even took me to shop and travel very often. I didn’t squander the money. I saved up and I had nearly one hundred and fifty thousand dollars at last, which was a good amount for a girl at college.

4. It was time to split.

Time flies. Graduation was coming. Since y mother mas old and my father needed someone to take after him, I didn’t plan to stay in America. I told my sugar daddy that I hope to end our relationship and I told him the reason. He was very gentleman. I told him that I was very grateful for his care for me during the past year and if he needed another date, I wouldn’t charge. He didn’t ask me out at last. Three days later, I received a check of twenty thousand dollars. He called me that it was for the gratitude of my company and if possible, he wished to travel to my country and visit me.
Back to my own country, I felt everything was friendly. I got a job in a bank and take care of my father after work. No sugar daddies here and I’m no longer a sugar baby. Those things in America were like a dream. I deleted my profile on Millionaire Match. I don’t need sugar daddies any more. But I still think of my first and my only sugar daddy from time to time.

Questions You Should Ask Before Writing Your Web Dating Profile

The profile remains the most crucial component of internet dating. You should make time to think things through if you wish to possess a winning profile within the finish. Remember that which you include determines the look you develop on your own and just how attractive or repelling you may finish up being with other singles. Lengthy term and heavy relationships don’t simply appear from nowhere, you have to play your role for making unexpected things happen for you personally. Use a couple of inquiries to become your guide whenever you sit to create your web dating profile.Untitled-3.jpg

Why is you unique and impressive?

Cliché may be the last factor you need to dress in your profile. To produce an impact and draw interest from potentials, consider why is you and your existence distinctive and employ that to produce a profile that is useful for you. Make an effort to differ, but maintain honesty while you create that image.

What influences or shapes your objectives in existence?

There are plenty of avenues that may shape or influence your existence and a few have previously formed and influenced it. Consider family challenges, personal challenges, history, and occasions as well as individuals your existence that lead to your objectives. This is an excellent question since it can help you know precisely what you would like, what’s acceptable and just what it-not. It’s also a great way of knowing a person you’ll probably interact with. Keep in mind that aside from speaking with regards to you, you must also mention a person you’re searching for connecting with.

What training have you ever learnt from past relationships?

The fact is that rapport can help you love yourself more or enables you to visit a desire to make enhancements in a personal level. Regardless of whether you were inside a relationship in which you were the one that all messed up a treadmill in which you became the victim, there’s certainly something which can tap into it. Make use of the training you’ve learnt to enhance the way you handle the following relationship or to attract your limitations so far as what’s appropriate for you goes.

What exactly are your individual characteristics?

They may be everything from persistence, integrity, empathy yet others. Whenever you identify them next could be to generate ways that you could demonstrate these to singles you are looking at. It’s really an excellent approach of ensuring you remain positive and lower likelihood of losing yourself which could make you vulnerable. Consider the options when it comes to causing you to a more powerful candidate and produce them out.Untitled-4.jpg

What relationship goals have you got?

Are you currently searching for casual or romantic relationship? How lengthy are you prepared to date before you decide to meet? How lengthy would you like the connection to visit before you think about marriage and it is marriage in your thoughts to begin with? Before beginning internet dating, you should have your relationship goals clearly defined.

“Sweetheart scam” on Secret dating site

According to the New Zealand Stuff website (February 2017), the New Zealand Business and Innovation Department released data show that in the last 2016 years, due to online marriage friends cheated, New Zealand lost at least 20 million New Zealand dollars throughout the year. So, this data and the past 2015 compared to the growth of more than doubled. To this end, New Zealand psychologist Lee Chisolm said: “The rise of online fraud cases, mainly because: the liars are aimed at the online group of single groups, and then dressed as sweetheart (sweetheart), pretending to make friends with the Internet, The victim’s emotional trust, and ultimately, and then a variety of means to cheat money .”


For many single people in New Zealand, in the search for the other half of love, most of the same choice of the network this channel. However, with the attendant is: the network of marriage dancers flooding. The And this network of marriage fraud is also known as: “sweet scam”. Saying that this kind of hateful sweetheart scammers not only make the deceased’s feelings hurt, at the same time, may also make the deceased lost huge amounts of money.

Once in New Zealand’s famous talk show “60 Minutes”, a victim of a “sweetheart” scam gave her an experience of being cheated. Saying that the victim is a solitary white woman, people to middle age, she was in the cause and wealth after the harvest, but it is feeling: long night without sleep a hunchback heart for the king pull! So, the woman set foot on the network to find love journey. Soon afterwards, she was captured by a man who claimed to be living in London, and then the man sent his picture to him, and he looked: handsome and charming, and it was a “high richer”. As a result, the fierce battle half of the ladies deeply into the “love sweetheart” fabricated network, once again to once never met the “sweetheart” to pay the money. In this way, the lady and never met the “sweetheart” in the process of communication, even lost more than ten thousand new currency, when she realized that “deceived”, and that “sweetheart” is completely disappeared The The Later, the case was New Zealand and the United Kingdom police joint detection, did not expect is: the so-called “sweetheart” is actually a fraud from the Nigerian group. According to the information published by the police, now active in New Zealand, Australia, Britain and other countries online “sweetheart liar” mostly from Nigeria, and these men and women from Nigeria (or criminal gangs) day and night lurking in the major wedding dating sites , Opportunistic capture “love” who. (Perhaps, British gas is white horse prince is waiting for an opportunity to hunt the network “sweetheart crook”?)


So, take a look at the British “sweetheart scam” report. 58-year-old British Hunter, in December 2008 joined a British dating site, and later, he met on the Internet called a “rose” of the Nigerian women, with the passage of time, the feelings of the two more and more The more “hot”. Then, Hunter should be asked by the roses to help “rose” to the UK, for which Hunt had to go for the rose. During this period, Hunter borrowed, overdraft, plus re-mortgage their own house, etc., to August 2009, Hunter even owed up to 82,000 pounds of debt. In the end, Hunter was forced by the debt of God, in despair, he came to the high-speed train jumped off the tracks. The To death, poor Hunter did not figure out his love of “Rose” in the end how beautiful, because he had never seen the “rose” the true capacity. Afterwards, according to the investigation of the Hunter case of the police said: from Hunt left the last words and documents, he had been aware of his death when the fooled.

And then look at the British police announced a network of sweetheart fraud case: a British woman through the network and a man to establish a love relationship, the other claim to be a British soldier in Afghanistan. Then, the “soldier” to the British lady for money, said to buy a satellite phone, on the grounds that: he has a satellite phone, the two will be able to each other at any time. Then, the infatuated British woman will be generous for their “sweetheart”. The final outcome is: the British lady was loved by their own “sweetheart” cheated scarred – from love to money.

Online “sweetheart liar” who in the end have adopted those deceptive trick? According to the victim, the first thing is “sexually provocative e-mail warm-up”, that is, “sweetheart liar” before the money, usually send some full of love, sex tease e-mail (or SMS) as a “warm-up” Then, to create (or make up) some touching emotional stories to win each other’s sympathy, for example, that they are orphans, through the struggle to have today’s success, and so on. Then, after obtaining the victim’s emotional trust, opportunistic fraudulent money.

In fact, the “sweetheart liar” use “money excuse” is nothing less than: want to meet but need money to buy tickets; visa; family sick need money to hospital; there is a particularly good investment opportunity is the shortcomings of working capital of. The You might be wondering: why is this pediatric reason, how can i be fooled? And the anti-fraud expert, “British Metropolitan Police” police officer Tom Craig said: In his handling of the Internet dating fraud cases, the victims have lawyers, bankers, self-made monopoly, but only No one is a “fool”.


What do you know? The end of the network, is love you? Or love your credit card?

Of course, not because of “sweetheart liar” exists, not online friends, saying that the pay has to pay. But the truth is that criminals are everywhere. So, in the online dating, we must improve the alertness, the only way to make these sweetheart crooks have no holes to drill, is not it?

Perhaps, the following points on the online dating can help a little help.
1) Do not disclose too many personal circumstances, especially the address, telephone, whereabouts;
2) Do not mention your own money;
3) the other side to mention the money, immediately raise vigilance;
4) do not send money to anyone;
5) slowly develop the relationship, the liar no time wasted time;
6) Find a real dating site, such as wealthymatch.org  OkCupid Tender
7) Remember: perfect to the incredible people and things, usually also not credible, ask yourself, this world has a perfect person and things?

Who is my savior I fell in love with my husband’s male leader

I have a secret, it’s hard to say, but I don’t know who to say. I seem to fall in love with my husband Kim’s male manager Philip,  every day in my mind is Philip, I know this is wrong, but it can not control. What should I do?iStock_000022700710_Medium.jpg
My acquaintance with Philip is accidental, and once I have finished my school, go to the bus to work. Because it was too hasty, did not see the roadside car, was a small private car knocked out, out of a small car accident, and happens that the perpetrators is Philip. At that time, I do not know Philip is her husband Kim’s boss, I was knocked by him, he saw my legs flow of blood, and quickly sent me to the hospital, sincerely apologize to me. Then her husband rushed to the hospital, see Philip, only to know all the original so clever.
After that, Philip often gave me to take care products, according to his words, he gave me a certain damage, his heart guilt and restless, I hope I can accept his kindness, in order to make up for myself Of the injury. On the one hand, I looked at him as my husband’s leadership, not a good refusal; the second is that he gave me a special feeling of being taken care, there is no way to cruel. So I do not know, between me and Philip, is no longer the relationship between the victim and the perpetrators, but become a kind of ambiguous unknown.
I and Philip are very smart, did not pierce this feeling, but to find some very inexplicable reasons to continue to see the surface. In fact, sometimes meet to do not do anything, just eat dinner, chat, drink tea, see the movie. I have always hinted at myself, I and Philip between nothing, but the normal between friends. But my heart is also very clear, I enjoy every time you meet, each time and Philip meet, I have a kind of hard to say excitement.

I hide this feeling, for fear that her husband Kim found, and Philip seems to be very silent to talk about his wife. I know that for Philip, it’s just a tool to adjust my emotions. But one night, I and Philip drank, had a relationship. I am very confused, I am even afraid, do not know how to face. I’m afraid Kim knows, more afraid it all ruined my family.
I deleted all Philip contact, no longer have the slightest contact with Philip. Pleasant people really contradictory, even if I am determined not to meet with Philip, but my heart still think of him, think of everything we have been together. I know this is wrong, but I can not control, really can not resist the thoughts. I once again take the initiative to call Philip, we once again to the hotel room.
This thought that this relationship can not be seen by the people, but that time to go to the hotel when Kim’s colleagues to see. In this regard, I and Philip’s things were uproar, Kim knew all the truth, rage, made a divorce to me. I know there is no room for excuse, agreed to the net body. My marriage is gone, and I understand that even if I divorce, Philip will not divorce his wife. Because his wife is now the chairman of the company’s daughter. He can not for me, to leave such a wealthy nobility.
My life in this time extramarital affairs destroyed more than half, I know that they are wrong, but not qualified to seek other people forgive. I just want to find a place to talk out, so that my sin can be a little less.